Beautiful bungalow in nature reserve

Beautiful bungalow in nature reserve

Beautiful bungalow in nature reserve

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This comfortable bungalow with stunning views is located in the picturesque village of Temisas, right on the southern edge of the Los Marteles nature reserve. As such it offers a perfectly tranquil and safe environment away from the busy tourist areas, clean air, perfectly suited for artistic or creative work.

The bungalow itself has a large living/dining room and an independent kitchen. The kitchen offers all the required equipment (cooking island, microwave, oven, dishwasher, etc.) in a modern design. Next to the kitchen there is an ample utility room with an additional work top and sink. As well as a washing machine, drier and freezer.  The master bedroom, more than sufficient for a king-size bed, has an adjoining room (almost 7m2) currently used as an office, but could be perfect for a walk-in closet or an en-suite. There are 2 more equally large bedrooms, and a further normal double bedroom.  Most of the rooms have air-conditioning. There are 2 very ample bathrooms as well as an additional separate toilet.

The property also counts a large cellar and spacious terraces both in the front and back. An additional kitchen has been realized in an outbuilding to serve the rear terrace and garden. The beautifully maintained garden is equipped with an automatic watering system.

There is a covered parking area for one car and space for a second car on the driveway. 4G based broadband internet is available and reliable in the area.

The township of Temisas is small and some 10 minutes either way to the main towns of Santa Lucia or Agüimes, but it still offers a local municipal swimming pool, a football pitch and an observatory.


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