Gran Canaria Transport Authority ends Trans GC and Monthly cards


28 december 2018

The Cabildo of Gran Canaria, in coordination with the Gran Canaria Transport Authority (AUTGC) recently introduced two new ticket types for public transport on the island: The WAWA JOVEN card and the BONO RESIDENTE CANARIO card.

As a result the AUTGC has decided that, as of 1 January 2019, it will no longer be possible to request new TRANS GC or TARJETA MENSUAL cards. And if you have either of these cards, it will no longer be possible to recharge them.

In order to allow use of any credit already on the existing cards after 1 January 2019; we have learned, that during all of 2019, it will be permitted to use both cards, until the credit on them has been exhausted.

Source: SALCAI UTINSA S.A. (GLOBAL) (in Spanish)



  1. David Ledsham

    on   said 

    This is incorrect. The monthly card has been withdrawn but the TransGC card is still available.

    • wigcher

      on   said 

      Dear David,
      I found the original article on the Global S.U. website, and it is still there. At the same time, the site still offers an application form for the TransGC card. When I was at one of Globals offices in Las Palmas in early January to get a TransGC card working again (some technical problem) they also explained to me that the TransGC card was going away and I would only be allowed to use up the existing credit in 2019 but could neither recharge, nor apply for a new one. However, the available information appears contradictory, so I’ve just written an e-mail to Global to explain the situation. When I receive an answer I will put that online here in the comments.

      • wigcher

        on   said 

        I got a response from Global explaining the confusion. Their answer was short but clear:

        Buenos días,

        Desde el Cabildo de Gran Canaria propietaria de la tarjeta, el pasado 01-02-2019 anulo la orden de retirar dicha tarjeta por lo que la misma siguen en vigor

        Un saludo

        The Cabildo, who is the owner of the TransGC card concept, rescinded the order to terminate the card, as such they are still available.

        I will update the article with this information shortly.

        Thanks for the heads up David!


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