“Burnt Windmill” of Mogán will be a museum.

The “Burnt Windmill” (Molino Quemado) will be converted to an ethnografic museum.

The general session of the Mogán council that took place yesterday afternoon, thursday december 27, approved the temporary session of the land located in the area known as Molino Quemado or Molino de Viento to the Canarian government in order to have place converted into a museum, which will need to maintain its public character and will remain the property of the council.

The town council of Mogán agreed with the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage of the Canarian government to act on the issue of the Molino Quemado and its immediate surroundings through a project that will convert it into a museum. After its restauration in 1998 it has become in one of the most iconic images of Gran Canaria and the biggest windmill of the island.

Its location on the main road GC-200 and the availability of parking is favourable to visits and photo opportunities, and on top of being an ethnografic and touristic highlight of the first order, and listed as an Item of Cultural Interest in the 2008 BIC, it has become a beacon in the memory and collective identity of the residents of Mogán, as such the council consideres it important to promote its significance under the newer generations.

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